If you are fed up with spinning on the hamster wheel with your nutrition and exercise….

If you have tried diet after diet only to end up right back where you started….

If you’re overwhelmed, uninspired, or not feeling motivated to keep going….

If your relationship with food or exercise is obsessive….

Or if you just don’t know where to start or who to turn to…

…..you have come to the right place! We here at Amplified Physique work with people just like you, all across the globe. We know that making a 180 in your lifestyle can be scary, and we want to help ease your fears and concerns.

We have a simple mission: to help people find balance in their health in an otherwise hectic world. We believe that fat loss is a by-product of a hormonally balanced metabolism, and that balance cannot be achieved through extreme measures. When you learn how to listen to the biofeedback your body gives you after each meal, each workout, each habit you build or each habit you break, you then have total control over the way you look and feel.

We aim to educate and guide people along the path to better health, self-esteem, and happiness through manipulation of food, exercise, and lifestyle factors in a way that best suits their goals and metabolic preferences, hormonally.

                                 Calories matter, but hormones matter more!

Strength, stamina, endurance, fat loss, muscle-building and maintenance, all require a healthy balance to be able to sustain for life. Extremes are not healthy, nor are they realistic long-term. We don’t do extremes.

We teach numerous ways to reach the same goal, helping people understand which method will work the best for them where they currently are in their life.

This is how we are different. And we cannot wait to help YOU reach your goals!



" I will never go back to another diet because hormonal nutrition really works and makes a ton of sense.

I have friends and family who have worked with you and have been enormously successful. Never have I seen so much consistent success.

Vanessa, you are fabulous at what you do."

− Terri S.

"...I want to thank Vanessa from the bottom of my heart for transforming my body into something I NEVER thought was possible!!"

− Sharyn Lavoie

"I just inherited a ton of clothes that in many cases I had never worn.

This is amazing!"

− Jody Babbits

"I am feeling so healthy, and my heart palpitations have actually disappeared."

− Patty W.

"My husband and I started working with Vanessa last April. She’s very knowledgeable, down to earth, & motivating. Total Life Change..have never felt so good!"

− Dana J.